WaterComm Remote Monitoring

WaterComm Remote Monitoring (RRM) is a LPWAN technology based system with discreet Multi Sensor Devices equipped with sensors and leak detection tape that automatically monitor specified property risks in real time and immediately alerts the relevant people when risk thresholds are exceeded.

Multi Sensor Devices can be used as a notification only system or in conjunction with Leaksafe's WaterSwitch automatic water shut off systems.



The risks that can be monitored include but are not limited to:

  • Escape of Water (clean and dirty)
  • Grease build up in extraction ducts
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Humidity.

It can minimise property ownership costs across a range of issues including:

  • Insurance
  • Property repair and maintenance
  • Management.

It can improve the occupiers' experience of the property to:

  • Enhance the reputation of the property
  • Yield higher occupation rates and rents
  • Increase asset value.
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What is LPWAN?

LPWAN stands for Low Power Wide Area Network that means extended device battery life, and wide area coverage provided by a network of roof top Base Stations and antenna. LPWAN is a significantly lower cost network than GSM and is ideal for transmitting the small data packets sent by our Multi Sensor Devices.

How does RRM work?

Each time a monitored risk threshold is exceeded, Leaksafe’s Multi Sensor Device sends data over the LPWAN network to LeakSafe’s data platform. The platform instantaneously sends an “alert” to client-specified smartphones and email addresses, and gives the date and time of the alert, the property address and the room and location in which the risk has been detected to enable an appropriate and timely response.

Automatic monitoring of installed components – Daily Heartbeat.

As well as generating alerts when a leak is detected or other thresholds are exceeded, the system is constantly monitoring the installed components and raises alerts if batteries are low or if the device falls “silent” as a result of a fault or tamper. Each day, each Multi-sensor device sends a “Heartbeat” that relays its status, and the client dashboard will highlight and notify of any devices that require re-instatement or maintenance.

An auditable record

All alerts are stored on Leaksafe’s secure client dashboard, where a client can to view their portfolio of properties and an auditable record of every detected leak in the portfolio.

This information can be downloaded as a CSV file or customized to record the action taken against each incident to provide managers with information on the performance of their maintenance providers as well as a comprehensive overview of the risk profile of the property.


Portfolio of blocks
Property devices table
Risk report
Risk report

LeakSafe work with a number of leading insurers, brokers and their clients to reduce the risk associated with water damage in their properties.

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