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LeakSafe Product Range

A suite of modular and flexible leak detection and leak prevention systems that can be tailored to protect any property.


Water shut off system to turn water off when the property is unoccupied

The starting point in a Leaksafe system. Install a Leaksafe WRAS approved motorised ball valve and Valve Control on the incoming water mains, and a wireless On/Off switch by the main entry/exit point and turn the water off each time you leave the property. Turning off the water is as easy as turning off a light.

Localised leak detection to immediately shut off water when a leak is detected

Add another layer of protection by installing leak detection tape in areas where leaks are most likely – under kitchen/laundry appliances, under baths and showers and around water storage tanks. The tape will detect even a small drip from a pipe or connection and send a wireless signal to the Valve Control to close the valve on the incoming mains or water storage tank and emit an alarm to alert the occupier.

Key features:

  • Turns off mains water supply from a Water Valve Control panel or wireless On/Off switch
  • Optional on/off timed delay
  • Mains or battery operated
  • High quality stainless steel WRAS approved motorised valve
  • Additional valves can be installed for extra protection or where zoned control required
  • Automatic water shut off if a leak is detected with up to 16 wired or wireless leak detectors and tapes.
  • Automatic decalcification routine
  • Easy install
  • Insurer approved
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Remote Risk Monitoring

Remote Risk Monitoring (RRM) is a LPWAN technology based system with discreet Multi Sensor Devices equipped with sensors and leak detection tape that automatically monitor specified property risks in real time and immediately alerts the relevant people when risk thresholds are exceeded.

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Additional Modules

WaterSwitch2 - R

Auxiliary connection for Alarm systems, BMS or GSM communication

The WaterSwitch2 optional relay module can connect to existing intruder alarm systems, GSM auto-diallers for SMS or email notifications or BMS systems (building management systems) to raise an alarm if a leak is detected in the property.

WaterSwitch2 - F

Flow Control for construction sites, holiday homes, vacant buildings

Install a Flow Sensor alongside our shut off valve and program the Water Valve Control so that if the sensor either doesn’t see water flow and/or sees continuous water flow for a programmable time period it will turn the water off. These features are particularly suited for second homes, holiday rental properties, vacant premises, or construction sites.

On construction sites, just prior to completion, the system can be upgraded to e.g., include a wireless on/off switch and local leak detection to offer added value to new owners. The WaterSwitch2 complies with Lifetime Homes Criteria 16.

WaterSwitch2 - E

Extended range systems for larger properties

The WaterSwitch2-E can communicate wirelessly with the valves and wireless WaterSwitch components over a 150M range providing a one-system solution for larger properties and those with separate annexes.

GSM Auto-dialler

Immediate SMS or email notification in the event of a leak

Connect a GSM Auto-dialler to our WaterSwitch2-R and up to 4 people can receive a SMS and/or email if a leak is detected in your property.

“A brilliantly simple system installed a year ago, easy to use – and we do – every time we leave the property” — Homeowner, Leicestershire

LeakSafe work with a number of leading insurers, brokers and their clients to reduce the risk associated with water damage in their properties.

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